It was southern night tonight and we had a little taste of the South with some jambalaya and corn bread!

Steph working it!

Learning about what not to eat, ie delicious junk food!

Something was funny, obviously something involving something with Carrie's neck!

We had a little Italian, starting out with a salad comprised of mushrooms, mixed greens, sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese! Then we had some Gorgonzola + pear linguine and bruschetta.. Not pictured are the delicious cinnamon squares we devoured along with some whipped cream!


We had a french evening with Carrie (french pronunciation) on Thursday where she made a very delectable pasta primavera! We also had a fresh bread with camembert which tasted like butta! It was sooooo goood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fresh radishes, Camembert, and bread!!!



So we have had a bit of trouble remembering cameras/remembering to take pictures during dinner (read i have forgotten my camera in every possible way) so things have been a little bit harder to document. Hopefully we will have more luck in the future.. Pictured above are an assortment of photos from some recent meals we have had including a delicious chicken sandwich and a fantastic shrimp pasta! Al's true colors are shown in the last photo...she aims to kill.



Last night Al made some really tasty mac + cheese! I snapped some shots of it bubbling in the oven that didnt really turn out, but it was a sight to behold!

some fresh fruit with a little caramel completed the meal!


So obviously we havent updated very much recently, but hopefully the posting will resume on a more regular basis. On Friday, Staci decided to rekindle her semester in Prague by recreating some of her favorites. Fried cheese, dumplings and goulash all rounded out with some delicious Czech beer. I am still wanting some more fried cheese... it was delicious!

I need more of this in my life!



Well as you might see, we had TACOS!! They were pretty tasty and filled with some delicious things including meat (ay corumba!), hearty corn salsa, lettuce.. cheese.. all the good business. You know what i am talking about. Also, our friend Christie.. or as i refer to her Hodie.. joined us for dinner as well, bring along some delicious frozen treats for a little sweetness at the end of the meal. Topics of discussion included helping each other figure out our studio projects, disliking mandatory meetings at high noon and how awesome frozen strawberry morsels are melting in your mouth!

Al roasted the tortillas on the stove!

Stephanie taking in the sweet smell of roasted tortillas.

Its whats for dinner! (cliche.. I am already slitting my wrists now!)

Sam is very protective of her popsicle, and with good reason!

Displeased this picture was taken!

The improper way to eat a popsicle caught.. dainty bites Al!



Tonight's cuisine was greek influenced and could be best described as a delicious pita chicken greek salad casserole full of goodness and feta. It was delish, and for all those with a sweet tooth, we had fruit with a bit of chocolate and whipped cream.. equally as delish! Topics of discussion ranged from how ridiculous Christina Aguilera is to old tv shows.

the delish feta concoction in all its glory!

hey fruit!


Saturday happens to be the day which Eric creates his gastronomic concoctions. On this particular Saturday, he spent most of the day (with help from some generous friends!) creating fresh sushi. Most of us here in Manhattan don't have the privilege of consuming such a fine delicacy on a regular basis, so this was quite a treat. We all gathered around the table, shoes off, our hungry frames resting on the plush pillows situated on the floor (Japanese style!) Miso soup and various teas were scarfed down first, followed by the sushi (!!), continuing with beef lettuce wraps (!!!!!!!!!!!!), and concluding with some delicious flan. It probably should be said that tonight's meal was also a bit larger than usual (probably double the amount of people) which led to many interesting topics of discussion. "If you could be any country, which country would you be"...Iceland and England were among the highest, followed by "If you could have any superpower what would it be?"... This is where the conversation got interesting because, as you might know, one's selection of a superpower is telling of their character. The most memorable response was Al, voicing her wish to be able to glide like a sugar glider, thus donning herself as the "Sugar Glider".. an artistic representation of what this might look liked is presented below.

the master chef tasting his meal


delish soba noodles

hey erica!

Al from the rear..






So the first real post is here! Yeah! What started out innocently as roommates sharing a meal each night has evolved into something far greater. The number of people involved has expanded from five to eight ( and usually with a few extra guests!) , with the venue changing every so often depending on who is creating that nights meal. Our little family decided that maybe a blog would be a good way to document this little venture, especially with our forthcoming graduation, and eventual exodus from this place we have called home. Friday's are the nights which Staci and I switch between making dinner, and tonight was my night. We had a delicious salad, eggplant/mozzarella/red pepper pizza, and banana ice cream.

we forgot to take a picture of the salad before everyone dug in, so i snagged one after..

picnicking in the haus


fresh mozzarella, eggplant, onions, garlic , red pepper, and fresh basil on a delicious baked crust!

banana ice cream... just bananas and vanilla with a touch of mint!

ahaha! work it steph!

looking at porn.. jk! surfing the interwebs, learning about new and interesting things!

So that's it for todays post.. we will try to continue updating with our newest concoctions throughout the week. stay tuned for some delicious surprises!