So the first real post is here! Yeah! What started out innocently as roommates sharing a meal each night has evolved into something far greater. The number of people involved has expanded from five to eight ( and usually with a few extra guests!) , with the venue changing every so often depending on who is creating that nights meal. Our little family decided that maybe a blog would be a good way to document this little venture, especially with our forthcoming graduation, and eventual exodus from this place we have called home. Friday's are the nights which Staci and I switch between making dinner, and tonight was my night. We had a delicious salad, eggplant/mozzarella/red pepper pizza, and banana ice cream.

we forgot to take a picture of the salad before everyone dug in, so i snagged one after..

picnicking in the haus


fresh mozzarella, eggplant, onions, garlic , red pepper, and fresh basil on a delicious baked crust!

banana ice cream... just bananas and vanilla with a touch of mint!

ahaha! work it steph!

looking at porn.. jk! surfing the interwebs, learning about new and interesting things!

So that's it for todays post.. we will try to continue updating with our newest concoctions throughout the week. stay tuned for some delicious surprises!

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