Saturday happens to be the day which Eric creates his gastronomic concoctions. On this particular Saturday, he spent most of the day (with help from some generous friends!) creating fresh sushi. Most of us here in Manhattan don't have the privilege of consuming such a fine delicacy on a regular basis, so this was quite a treat. We all gathered around the table, shoes off, our hungry frames resting on the plush pillows situated on the floor (Japanese style!) Miso soup and various teas were scarfed down first, followed by the sushi (!!), continuing with beef lettuce wraps (!!!!!!!!!!!!), and concluding with some delicious flan. It probably should be said that tonight's meal was also a bit larger than usual (probably double the amount of people) which led to many interesting topics of discussion. "If you could be any country, which country would you be"...Iceland and England were among the highest, followed by "If you could have any superpower what would it be?"... This is where the conversation got interesting because, as you might know, one's selection of a superpower is telling of their character. The most memorable response was Al, voicing her wish to be able to glide like a sugar glider, thus donning herself as the "Sugar Glider".. an artistic representation of what this might look liked is presented below.

the master chef tasting his meal


delish soba noodles

hey erica!

Al from the rear..




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